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Maria Montessori

American Montessori Society (AMS)

AMS is an advocate for quality Montessori education.  

Montessori Children's Academy is a full member of AMS


Association of Illinois Montessori Schools

Montessori Children's Academy is a Full Member School


Illinois State Board of Education

Montessori Children's Academy is registered with the Illinois State Board of Education.


Dr. Angeline Lillard Podcast on Montessori Education

Click on The Parent Journaland scroll to "The Parents Journal-198-Angeline Stoll Lillard, May 12, 2008." Professor Lillard brings over 20-years of experience and research talking about her work and book Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius. She opens this 21-minute session by citing work she is doing with her University of Virginia students and continues to link her research to the 100-year old method.  You will be able to listen to this 21 minute session online.